Our Approach, and the Results


Though diversity can sometimes be a tricky thing to cover, our group was very curious to find out exactly how diverse our campus really was. Over the course of our research, we talked to a lot of students and faculty that ranged from the average campus student who didn’t know much about diversity on campus, to faculty members who were fully involved in trying to make campus diverse, and to be able to fully use that diversity productively. Though it is often a touchy and tricky subject, diversity is a growing issue in today’s society, and can’t be overlooked. Embracing diversity is one essential part of a successful society, and that being said, we wondered if our campus did that successfully.

We sought out to answer the question: “Just how diverse really is campus, and what are people doing to increase that diversity?”

To find out the answers that we got, take a look through our website. While you read we encourage you to form your own opinions about how diverse our campus is. The pros of our campus, and the cons alike. Part of the importance of diversity, as we found out, is letting other people’s voices be heard. Tell us what you think by commenting below or emailing us using the “About Our Team” page!