About Us

Fun Facts About Us!


Emma Li (hsinli2@illinois.edu)

Fun Facts 

  • I decided to transfer to UIUC because of its diversity.
  • I don’t want to be an anchor but a music Dj at a radio station.
  • I am from Taiwan, not China



Malec Caudell (polcyn2@illinois.edu)

Fun Facts

  • Broadcast Journalism Major 2019
  • Can take apart the remote control, and can almost put it back together.
  • Budding musician, looking for several fellow music makers for a folk rock band (please, hit me up)
  • From Grayville, Illinois.



Nate Williamson (njwilli3@illinois.edu)
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Fun Facts
  • As you can clearly see, I love America….apparently, a lot.
  • If my picture is the biggest one on the page it’s because I was in charge of posting these “About Me”‘s
  • I’m a print journalism major in the class of 2019 that loves photography and videography!
  • I am from Danville, Illinois. A town not too far from campus, and my dad works here!
  • My favorite book is “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder, and I’ve written a full-sized book on my own!