Looking Back, for a Way Forward

Check out our photo essay here, and read all about the exhibit we covered below!

The University of Illinois International Week and birthday celebration included many events all around campus. Most of the events that were celebrated looked to heavily embrace the current diversity, with some events even looking to help to increase that diversity in years to come, as the University welcomes in it’s largest class ever, seemingly every year.

However, not all events sought to just showcase the grand diversity of the University of Illinois. Some sought to do that, while shedding light on the struggle that was often required to bring that diversity not just to campus, but to our country as a whole. The exhibit, located in Temple Buell hall, was organized by Professor Ken Salo, a lecturer in urban and regional planning who focuses on environmental justice, environmental racism, and diversity.

Salo said that “the University and diversity have been closely tied over history, especially today. what role students have played in the struggle, here locally.”

The exhibit featured multiple sub-exhibits that were created by students, and seperated by things such as race, and included news articles, photographs, and other things to showcase different historical struggles for equality both on campus, and off.